Monday, January 2, 2012

Ack! My Brain!

Last night, the Hubbs was watching Star Wars on a national cable television channel that is aimed at men, and literally EVERY single commercial break had a commercial for Trojan "Bare Skin"* condoms in it. It features a "beautiful" (read: sexy-librarian-type) "scientist" who works in a lab and couples who look like they are literally being magnetized together. Because this condom is to "bring you closer than ever before." Um... what? Even the Hubbs, who started muting the commercials after seeing it about 4 times, commented about how ironic it was that a condom, a device that by its very nature is meant to put a barrier between people, is being marketed to bring couples together.
I understand that not everyone is Catholic. There was a time that I wouldn't have considered myself Catholic. But I have said over and over that my reversion has made me see things from such a different perspective that it's actually difficult to understand the secular world any more. The Catholic Church's teaching on sexuality and human dignity is so profoundly beautiful that it actually makes me sad when I think that Protestant denominations who call themselves pro-life don't espouse about half of it. It makes me sad that so many people in the secular world- those going green, going organic, being crunchy- are still so tied up with their pills and IUD's and dubiously marketed prophylactics. Sometimes I feel like I've found the world's best product at a better price and everyone else is insisting on using something that just... doesn't work. 
In these Trojan commercials, where is the talk about how using a condom outside of a monogamous committed relationship *may* cause one or more parts of the couple to feel used, objectified or generally icky about things? Where is the warning that continued use of condoms may result in lower fidelity? Where is the caution that those who are being so "responsibly" intimate, may, in the end be irresponsibly treated by someone who claimed to love them?
Our product may not be as popular, it may not be as widely used. But. We win. 

John 1:23

*Please note that I do NOT condone the use or sale of this product. Ad is posted only for clarification purposes. 


  1. Love this. I've never seen that commercial thankfully. I'm with you, since my reversion I see things so differently. How could one not see the irony in that commercial? It baffles me.

  2. Love this! Found you through Katie's tweet (NFP and Me)

    I am the same way. I find it difficult to see things from the secular point of view. I mean, I try because I have some friends who are not CAtholic or religious of any sort and in order to try and communicate with them I really do try. But I fail. Miserably.

    Great post.

  3. Ha - I wrote an angry (and much less eloquent) post about the same commercial. I am amazed that our culture is apparently convinced that a thinner condom brings the most intimacy two people can have. So ignorant.

  4. Wow... ::Blush:: thanks for posting the video :P I have been flabbergasted at the response to it... glad to see it still is affecting people.

    As for your post... I feel the same way about PANDORA. It used to have "Trojan Fire n ICE" ads all the time, and I wished I could "opt out."

    The change must come one person at a time.

  5. Joseph, I ADORE that video. Every time I see it, it makes me want to cry! In a good way, of course.

  6. Michelle, I fail miserably, too. I have a couple of friends who are dating and I actually have a hard time being around them anymore. They cohabit, they are having pre-marital sex, etc. It didn't really bother me at first, and I have tried to talk to them, but they are very much relativists. Worse, since I am a revert I get a lot of "you did it, too! Don't judge!" It's really, really hard.

  7. Because there's nothing as enjoyable as removing all the responsibility from an important part of the marital vocation and finding someone that will do it on a third date without bothering me with bothersome things such as dignity or respect. In fact, it's even more enjoyable that one of these modes of limited loving comes in a neat little latex tube that feels like you slid down a banister made of bleach and leaves you stinking like a very inappropriate visit to the dentist. So why not throw one on. Hell, throw two or three of those babies on! After the loss of sensation and sense of worth that first all-new forty percent thinner Trojan gives us, it's hard to imagine not wanting to cover ourselves up more. What fun!

  8. I hate that commercial and the birth control one that basically shows how you can selfishly live your life because how dare a child keep you from seeing the Eiffel Tower.


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