Sunday, December 11, 2011

News Agencies May Run Stupid Articles, Logic Says

Allow me to quote Charlie Brown: AUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHH! Seriously, Fox News? I mean, I know you’re not fair and balanced, and the majority of the time your headlines read like something from The Onion, but really??
I’m a little confused as to the aim of the article, since I automatically assume that every news agency has some sort of agenda.
1.)    Birth control helps to lower cancer risk, so everyone should take it! (Except the increased cancer risk you get from taking the pill.)
2.)    Not having babies increases your cancer risk (so take the pill, and decrease the chance of having babies!)
I’m confused and annoyed and terribly appalled! 


  1. I read that too and couldn't believe it! If you haven't ventured to the combox yet; don't do it. It's disturbing.

  2. I think they removed the combox, actually.

  3. We were talking about this today at work! (I work in a parish)... ugh! And I said pretty much the same thing "the pill will cure the ailments of celebacy, while the blood clots will cure the ailment of - what? - being alive?"


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